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I'm Dave Worth and I'm a woodturner in Blandford Forum, Dorset. Welcome to my woodturning website portfolio where I hope that you will find images to stimulate your own woodturning with some information areas for people who are researching making their first foray into woodturning. I love turning local sustainable Dorset wood where possible. I am a carpenter and Joiner by trade and have been learning how to turn wood since I was 14 years old.

I now travel around the south of England demonstrating my woodturning skills and giving woodturning lessons. If you want to learn how to woodturn then please check out my contact details and get in touch. Lessons are a reasonable price and give the prospective turner a one to one lesson where they will produce some wood chippings and create their own bespoke piece.

spurtles for stiring porridgeMost people will associate wooden kitchen utensils with the medium to large spoons used for cooking or baking. They are still used for stirring different kinds of foods and are preferred because of their versitility, they dont scratch the bottom of the pan and they dont transfer heat like a metal spoon. You may even think of a wooden spatula, but how many of you thought about a Spurtle? A spurtle is a Scottish kitchen tool which dates back to the 15th century, originally flat in shape and used for flipping oatcakes on a hot griddle. Over time the original flat shape became modified and began being used specifically for stirring oatmeal and soups. Traditionally the spurtle would have been manufactured from Scottish maple trees.  


There is even a spurtle featuring on a trophy for the World Porridge Making Championship, a competition which is held annually in the beautiful village of Carrbridge in the Scottish cairngorns. 2016 sees the 23rd annual championship. Dave the Lathe cannot claim that he can turn you a golden spurtle, however these turned wooden utensils are easy to make and great in the kitchen. The wooden bland used when turning the spurtle is turned between centres.

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